William with two muntjac at Rossway Park

William Richard Alldis – The Shotgun Chef

Raised on his family farm in Epping, William Alldis picked up a gun around the same time he picked up a saucepan – aged five. His father taught him in the barn with an air rifle, then swiftly progressed him to shotguns, while William’s grandmother, and mother passed on all the family’s cookery secrets. Both shooting and cooking remained William’s life long passions and William worked as a chef at restaurants across Europe. After he met and married his  magazine editor wife Abigail, they launched this blog, which was nominated for the National Blog Awards in 2013. Naturally, her wedding gifts from William included a stout pair of Hunter wellies, an antique shotgun and a falcon called Feathers.

Branded ‘the most stylish’ ‘laidback’ and ‘natural’ shot many accomplished Guns have ever seen, William continues to combine his passion for photography, wildlife, food and, of course, shooting, in Scotland where the couple run a game cookery school and sporting lodge and regularly write for national titles such as Countryman’s Weekly, Landscape magazine and Shooting Times. They have recently written a book How to Run a Pop-up Restaurant or Supperclub, to be published in July 2015, and William is selling his seasonal produce and sporting breaks through his online store.

You can email William your recipe challenges at william@wealdplace.com.

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