Cookery courses: Field to Fork

Farmhouse cookery course in London

Learn the basics of farmhouse cooking with The Shotgun Chef’s one-day course

Shoot, fish and stalk your own food with one of the country’s up-and-coming game chefs

Field to Fork cookery school offers fantastic game cookery courses with The Shotgun Chef at Will’s family farm in Essex cooking in will be in the new restaurant The Cart Shed . You’ll learn everything a first-class game chef needs to know, including essential butchery, plucking, skinning and gutting skills and how to create inspiring recipes with our expert knowledge of living off the land.

shotgun chef and boris dock flighting

Waiting for the ducks to arive


  • Learn the basics of shooting on our clay pigeon and rifle range with our qualified instructor.
  • Try your hand at fly fishing and have the opportunity to catch trout .
  • Try your hand a some rough shooting in season, wildfowling, game, rabbits, pigeons and more
  • Attend skills masterclasses in butchery, plucking, gutting and skinning.
  • Hone you game cookery skills including smoking meat, making potted game, pate and terrines.

Each evening students will cook and sit down to a delicious meal of game. You will take away with the basic skills you have learned to make over the week.

Upcoming course dates:
Courses will usually run Monday to Wednesday we can we can arrange for 1,2 or 3 day courses as per group decision we usually run the courses on the 3rd week of the month.

To book, please email

Fame house B&B can be arranged at the farm £85 per night all rooms are en-suite and price includes a hearty breakfast in our farm shop.

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