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In 2017 we have re named this area “Sporting Adventures” as we are planning on traveling far and wide and some sport close to home. As many of you will know for me shooting is all about what delicious things we can put on the table. In 2016 I even brought back 42kg of wild boar from Romania with me from my trip to feed my guests in the restaurant. I intend to keep up this trend feeding our hunting parties on the game we shoot and the fish we catch.

All of the below will be fully catered buy The Shotgun Chef with the only extra being drinks if not specifically included. Prices marked with * are fully inclusive of food and drinks.

Pheasants over pointers in Western France in a Chateau (Dates to be confirmed)

3 night accommodation 2 days shooting and all permits £650 per gun partners welcome £200 (6 guns max)

Salmon and sea trout fishing in Norway (17th -24th June 2017)

7 days fishing and accommodation (wood cabin in the middle of no ware!) £650* per rod partners £200* (8 rods max)

Grouse shooting, red stag and fallow buck stalking, and salmon fishing with Athol Estates, Scotland

28th August 3rd September including 8 stags/bucks 2 days walked up grouse and salmon fishing all inclusive £1500* per gun partners £250* One of the best chances for a single estate McNab  (8 guns/rods)

Wild boar and fox shooting in Romania (dates to be confirmed in November and January)

Full board accommodation shooting 12 guns an expected bag of 30/36 boar over 3 days and two days shooting foxes. 6 nights accommodation 5 days shooting (price to be confirmed)

Quail over pointers in Portugal (dates and details to be announced)

Grouse and Ptarmigan in Norway (17th-24th September)

Grouse and Ptarmigan walked up 7 days shooting and accommodation (wood cabin in the middle of no ware!) £650* per gun partners £250* (8 guns Max)

Salt water fly fishing Cuba

7 days and nights fly fishing in this fishermen s paradise fully guided buy truly passionate experts. We have teamed up with the very best outfitters Cuba has to offer to guarantee that your in the best hands, in the best spots to hopefully gain that elusive “GRAND SLAM” of Permit, Bonefish, Tarpon and Snook all in one day. The McNab of fishing. £2900 (min party size 6 rods max 10 small discount for larger groups)

Walk 1 Stand 1 days on our farm in Essex

In 2017 I have decided to put down around 1000 partridges and 500 pheasants on our little farm in Essex. Weald Place farm will be hosting some fun walk one stand one days approx 6 drives.

Meat for a sumptuous breakfast at The Cart Shed Restaurant then you will be guided to your positions for the first drive we expect you to choose your birds and enjoy the day then when we have finished our little mooch about our little shoot guns will come and dine in the restaurant, 4 courses of the finest food and wine the farm has to offer all inclusive. Expected bags of approx 30 -50

£300* per gun 6 guns shooting every fortnight from the middle of September other adventures depending. Partners/non shooting guests £75*

Duck Flights at Weald Place Farm

Feeding two ponds on the farm we have always produced some great duck flights being close to the Lea Valley. We can take groups of up to 6 guns in individual hides these are all wild duck and so bags can not be guaranteed and shooting ducks coming into a flight pond can be tricky but what the hell afterwords you will be treated to a sumptuous 4 course meal at The Cart Shed Restaurant.

£150 per gun up to 6 guns price includes a box of non toxic shot suitable for your gun dinner and game to take home with you we will be aiming to shoot every other week from the beginning of September. Partners/non shooting guests £65* (Anyone caught not using non toxic shot will be expelled and reported! If you don’t have it we will happily provide at cost)

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