My 1st proper partridge shoot (sort of)


For Many years I have wanted to run a proper lowland partridge shoot this year I have taken the challenge on on our small farm in Essex.

So whats the plan? Well the reason I say “sort of” above is its probably not the best idea to call it a proper partridge shoot after all if my teams of 6 guns shoot more than 30 birds per day I will be very surprised and a little upset they have shot too much. This is a gastronomic experience it would be a good idea if you brought a gun….

Due to new farming practices being put into action on ours and our farming contractors land we have created partridge paradise. Long stubbles left all winter cover crops grown for soil improvement and the added bonus of deciding not to harvest strips of wheat for the birds to hide in and get food throughout the winter we feel we have made a good home for our 500 partridges, 400 red legs and 100 gray partridges. On top of the partridges we have a large wild and wandering pheasant population and 3 duck flight ponds that are performing well so there should be plenty of sport.

So how will our days work?

Breakfast will be taken in The Cart Shed Restaurant guns and beaters will sit down to a proper full English breakfast all made from local and home grown ingredients. Then we will head out for a little walk and hopefully find a partridge or two around 11am we will have a break for elevansies at The Essex Shooting School. then go out and look for some more game. Then its time for afternoon tea lets keep this VERY civilized then out to the duck flight ponds after the flight when the cool evening air has made you hungry back to The Cart Shed for a sit down meal 4 courses of game delights finish the night off with cheese port and cigars by the fire side.

All this for £150+vat

Any one interested drop me a line 07701 33 33 23 we have both full and part days available

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