The Cart Shed Restaurant

DSC_6306To all my readers – I’m sorry to have been so quiet recently. I can promise you I’ve not just been enjoying myself shooting and fishing. Yes, there’s been a little of that but, the project we’ve been working on is the opening of “The Cart Shed” – my own little restaurant located in the grounds of our family home just outside Epping.

Convenient for the London crowd that fancy a trip out of the smoke (end of the Central Line) as well as the Essex rural set, the menu, as always, will be inspired by what’s grown on the farm, what my friends are producing locally and, obviously, what I shoot for the pot. We’ve been open for over a week and are steadily building up trade. Initial reviews have been truly heart warming.

Menus will change regularly and we are happy to hear suggestions from our clients. Now that I’m back on my home turf. The recipes and blogs will be returning ‘as and when’ and we hope to launch a new you-tube channel in the not-too-distant future.

For more details, visit

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