We’ve arrived!

The shotgun chef fishinh isle of lewis field to fork

The Shotgun Chef out fishing on the last day on trout season – this tiddler went back in

Some would say that packing your entire life into two trailers, a van and a Range Rover, including dogs, falcons, rods and enough guns to equip a small army, to move to the Outer Hebrides is nuts. However, when my wife and I saw the opportunity to rent a 35,000 acre estate on the Isle of Lewis, with a stunning 10-bedroom colonial hunting lodge for the same amount it would have cost us for a 1-bedroom flat in central London, the move was, for us, absolute common sense.

Epic journey
After 1 tyre blow out, 1 jump start and 1 missed ferry crossing (these things happen in threes…), we have safely arrived and are making full use of the sporting facilities. The wife and I have been trout fishing and collecting mussels as big as our fists! The rugged scenery is wildly romantic and we’re looking forward to welcoming our first sporting guests very soon. To book a week’s sport at Soval House, including woodcock, deerstalking, salmon and trout fishing, goose and duck flighting, sea fishing and lobster potting, click here.
If you’d like details on The Shotgun Chef Field to Fork cookery school click here.


Our yellow Labrador Boris is ready for a day on the riverbank

7 responses to “We’ve arrived!

  1. We miss you in Wivenhoe..fond memories of Valentine’s night at the Falcon. Just to wish you the very best of luck in your fantastic new venture. Jeanniex

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