Shotgun’s Sloe British Screw

The Sloe British Screw

A very British cocktail

When the wifelet returned, exhausted and thirsty from The Shotgun & Chelsea Bun Club’s annual conference to speak on behalf of Shooting Times at the weekend, I would have normally been inclined to rustle up a couple of lethal mojitos to celebrate her safe return. However, an absence of fresh limes in our farmhouse kitchen meant I was forced to pop on my thinking cap and create something a little more unusual.

We cracked open the last hip flask of my grandfather’s sloe gin and I invented my own, more British version of a Slow Comfortable Screw. I replaced the Southern Comfort with Pimms, as they are both spiced spirits.

Don’t be afraid of the cocktail’s murky appearance, the delicious thick plumminess of the sloes and the spiciness of the Pimms make this a refreshing (and inherently “drinkable”) summer cocktail. Chin chin!

1 measure of Pimms No 1
1 measure Grandfather Castle’s sloe gin
1 measure of vodka
Orange juice
Crushed ice

Fill a glass with crushed ice, pour all the alcohol listed into a glass, and top up with orange juice. Simples.

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