Mini game casseroles

Mini game casserole with sauted potatoes

Mini game casserole with sauted potatoes

This recipe will wow at dinner parties, and is also great to take to work for a packed lunch, as I’m sure my wife will confirm.

She has a proper job, and needs feeding for her lunch break (it was in the marriage contract).

Ingredients (serves two):

1 onion

2 carrots

6 chestnut mushrooms

1lb mixed game meat

Fresh herbs (I like thyme and rosemary)

Rape-seed oil

1 large glass of red wine

Finely chop your onions, and thinly slice the mushrooms and carrots. Place these in a hot frying pan with a little rape-seed oil. Once these have browned off (it should take a few minutes), throw in your diced mixed game and your chopped herbs. I try to have a mix of red and white meat, so some pheasant leg meat, rabbit loin, and muntjac is what went into my pan.

Continue to fry until the meat begins to caramelise. At this point, add one chicken OXO cube and a large glass of red wine. Allow to bubble away for a minute or so, then pour the contents into two small casserole dishes. Place the lids on, and pop into the oven (140c, 284F or the bottom of the top aga oven ) and leave for about 1 hour. After that time, check them. Top up any lost juice with more wine and cook for another 30 minutes. Serve with sticks of hot buttered bread and a dollop of buttery mashed or sauted potatoes.

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2 responses to “Mini game casseroles

  1. Love this idea but I have never heard of OXO chicken cube.. I am guessing this is the name brand name for bouillion? Hope to try this very soon with venison, pork, and wild turkey.. Still have some wild Hen of the woods mushrooms frozen so those should work also I think? So glad to find your
    blog I am always needing ideas for what game comes through our door!

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