Grandfather’s Sloe Gin

DSC_0905It is well past time to knock up a batch of Sloe Gin on this page I think. My granddad’s recipe is a little different from most people’s using Candi Sugar. If you’re having difficulty tracking some down, feel free to replace with caster sugar – I just like to keep things natural.

It seems that the weather has not been cold enough just yet to mean we’ve consumed much of last year’s batch, but I’m sure it will change (bring on the frosts and snow). It’s a good idea to make plenty, as you never know what next year’s winter will bring.

First freeze 1lb of sloes

Take 1 empty 1liter gin bottle

Pour in 8oz of candi sugar (caster sugar if you can’t get candi)

Take the sloes from the freezer, place in a plastic bag, and beat with a rolling pin until the fruit is cracked.

Add your cracked sloes to the bottle

Top up with gin until the bottle is very nearly full. Screw on the lid, shake well, then hide it away from yourself for 1 year. Every time you come across it in that first year, turn the bottle upside down and back up again, and re-hide.

One year on – enjoy!

(Sloe gin can be kept over this fruit for years and will improve with age – up to around 5 years. At this point (if you are that strong-willed) it should be decanted into a fresh glass bottle, without fruit.)

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