Venison burgers (just don’t tell anyone)

DSC_0753After thinking long and hard about it, I’ve decided that enough people know my venison burger recipe for me to let the secret out. After all, I was doing cookery demonstrations this summer at the Scottish Game Fair teaching a good few people how to cook them, so it’s time to share it with the rest of the world too. I sell these frozen at my farmers’ market – so please don’t tell my customers how easy they are to make.


2kg/4lbs fine venison mince i.e. forced through the finest blade.
1kg/2lbs pork sausage meat (Try and get proper butchers-made)
Fresh herbs: thyme and rosemary – a good sprig of both, finely chopped
5tsp paprika
Salt and pepper to season
4tbs plain flour


Place all the ingredients in a large bowl and mix with your hands. Really work the meat, so it’s like a paste. Then, if you’re lucky enough to have a burger press, use that to make your patties, and then cook or freeze. I keep on forgetting to bring my one back with me from the farm, so I often make handmade patties – and can confirm they’re just as delicious.

DSC_0746How to cook a juicy burger

Don’t cook it too fast, or overheat. Cook your burgers slowly, with the lid on the pan. When they’re a crisp deep brown on the outside, flip them. Let’s face it – you all know how to cook a burger…

I serve them with a good layer of cheese – Abigail fancied emmental this time, and she was bang on I think. I added a fried tomato that I cooked alongside the burgers after I ‘d turned them, and the served it on the side. Then add dressed salad and some chips.

Now, I take my chips seriously. Abby is very anti the chip (I think it’s a girl thing), but I love them. They need to be thick cut, crisp, and lightly caramelized. Chips should always be deep-fried in a FRESH oil at high temperature – think rapeseed or sunflower. I like to cook them at around 130c/266F. Fry for around 20 minutes, then take out and allow to cool while you heat your oil to 190c/374F and cook for another 4 to 5 minutes.


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