Farmhouse quiche (or ‘Look: I made something vegetarian!’)


Delicious leek and tomato farmhouse quiche

We’ve started selling my food at local Farmers’ Markets, and this quiche was the first item to sell out. It was hugely satisfying to make a bit of pocket money and see the village so enthusiastic about what I’d cooked – off the back of my food we even sold our first tickets to our Halloween pop up restaurant we’ll be hosting in our front room. Simple quiches are a great thing to make at the beginning of the the week, and keep in the fridge for packed lunches, evening snacks, or whenever the wifelet is left to fend for herself overnight.


Flour 4oz /114g
Eggs 9: 3 eggs for pastry, 6 for the filling
Salt – a pinch for pastry, and a little to season the filling
Butter 2oz/57g
Emmental cheese 4oz/114g grated (any hard cheese will do, but this is the wife’s favourite)
Vegetables, such as onions, courgette, mushrooms, sweetcorn, or cooked meats – here we’re using leek and tomato.

The pastry
Using a mixer, combine the flour and butter and pinch of salt to make a light crumble. Add the yokes of 3 eggs and continue to mix, until the pastry forms a clump. Then stop mixing, remove the dough and work for just a few minuets with your hands. This means slapping it onto a worksurface, stretching it, and folding it on to itself. Do not allow it to get too warm from your hands – you need to touch the pastry as little as possible. Then wrap in clingfilm and place in the fridge.

Next; your filling. I like ham and mushroom, or the one you see here is leek and tomato (we were going to a farmers’ market and I was told I HAD to cook something for the veggies…)

Leek and tomato quiche, caramelised onion and bacon tart, game terrine and smoked duck breast

Laying out our wares at Wivenhoe Farmers’ Market

Take your leeks and sweat them off in a frying pan until they are soft. While this is happening, take a mixing bowl, and into it crack your remaining 6 eggs, and an equal quantity of milk. Then add salt and pepper to season, and beat until the mix looks like runny custard. Add the grated cheese and stir once more. Take the leeks off the heat, and allow to cool in the pan.

Now for the pastry. Remove it from the fridge and roll it out out to fit a 10 inch tart tin. Blind bake your case in the oven – I pour on baking beads, and give mine around 10 mins at 200C/392F.

Once the case is cooked off (it turns a light golden brown), remove the baking beads. Then pour in your custard, leave around 1cm from the top of the case. This space will be filled when you add your leeks and tomatoes, and also as the custard rises in the cooking process.

Place the quiche back in the oven, now set to 180C/356F for around 15 to 20 minuets, or until caramel brown on top. Allow to cool, then keep refrigerated and it will be delicious for around a week. Serve warm or cold, with a crisp rocket salad.

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